We will free you of sweating on your hands, head, armpits, feet, back, abdomen, buttocks and many other body areas! End of sweating in just one week and for many months.

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Electro Antiperspirant at 212°F (100°C) in a SAUNA

What is Electro Antiperspirant

Electro Antiperspirants are devices developed especially against the strongest sweating on all parts of the body. They are approved medical devices and are endorsed by the best doctors dealing with the excessive sweating. At present, they help more than 130.000 people worldwide and are used in hundreds of medical establishments.

How Electro Antiperspirants Work

Electro Antiperspirants use significantly improved and safe technology called iontophoresis. This technology, with the help of very weak electrical impulses, stimulates the skin affected by excessive sweating, so that sweating stops within a few days. The desirable effect comes after several days and lasts for up to several months. By maintaining it, it can be extended indefinitely without undesirable effects.

Against What Types of Sweating Electro Antiperspirants Help

All Electro Antiperspirants will relieve you of any type of sweating (including stress sweating), regardless of its cause. Do you sweat on your palms or feet? Are you unable to walk in open shoes in the summer, or do you have to take spare clothes to work because of sweating? Do you sweat when giving a speech or simply just without any cause? Sweat stains in armpits, sweat dripping down your face, sweaty back and buttocks are too familiar to you? Electro Antiperspirants will always help you.


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